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A: WATER BAPTISM Water baptism shall be by immersion. The church does not practice infant baptism. Rather, the church blesses infants or little children and dedicate them through prayers and by laying of hands, in the name of the Lord Jesus. (Mt. 19:13; Mk 10:13-16).

B: CHILD DEDICATION Parents wishing to dedicate their children unto God in the church should give an earlier notice of intention to the Pastor.

C: MARRIAGE: Couple wishing to become Husband and Wife, after having sought and received conviction of God’s will, approval of the church and the consent of both families and appropriate govt. permits shall present themselves for the solemnization their union and routine order for Christian marriages. The church does not practice polygamy, bigamy nor divorce. Nevertheless, cases of such, while he or she was “in darkness”, should not just be thrown out, but should be brought to the church authorities for a proper determination and advice on the situation, and the advice to by the parties concerned. The church shall follow the New Testament teaching on marriage in its entire ramification. No member shall change his/her marital status/condition or partner for any reason without the knowledge, advice, consent and/or approval of the church.

D: BURIAL: The Church conducts only pure Christian form of burial in case of the death of any of its members. Any kind or form of ceremonies, rites, rituals, observances, and devotions unto the dead are not entertained or performed by the church. Heathenic practices such as shaving of head for the dead, ritualistic mourning and such like are not practiced by any member of the church. The church and/or its members do not practice, engage in or participate in any form of second burial or such like. The burial of the dead body of members may be carried out by conducting a wake keeping or fellowship service at the residence of the member, at which prayers of consolation and evangelical preaching of God’s word to the living shall be carried out, followed by interment of the body of the deceased. The church does not pray over dead corpse, nor perform any kind of ministration or reference unto the dead at burial. The wake keeping or ceremony is not necessarily an essential part of the burial process, and should be carried out only if it is considered needful or necessary to do so in the name of the Lord. All things should be done to the Glory of God, and for the exhortation, comfort and edification of the living.

E: ANNUAL THANKSGIVING: Once a year the church conducts an annual thanksgiving service in which all members and other invitees come together expressing their gratitude for all God has done. The church does not conduct lucky games or bazaars.

F: SEMINARS, CAMP MEETINGS, SYMPOSIUMS, AND CONVENTIONS The church or groups in the church organize and conduct Seminars, Camp meetings, Conventions, Symposiums and such like, for the purpose of preaching, teaching, exhortation, edification, training, equipping, comfort and growth of members in the faith. The regularity and conduct of these programmes depend on the organizing members with their pastors.

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